Secret of beautiful invoice templates

Have you ever received an invoice, where it is not possible to find due date immediately? I receive such invoices regularly.  I don’t know what people are thinking about when creating such invoices. Invoice is not a lyrical letter it should be laconic. To my mind, invoice should contain only information that is defined by legislation. I became angry, because I can’t understand how people can send such ugly invoices. It shows non professional approach to the business. They probably create invoices in Excel or Word, because invoicing software can’t have awful invoice templates. I hope people who don’t know how to do invoicing will read my article and won’t send me ugly invoices anymore.

I also used to create my first invoices in Excel. I understand that it is hard to create nice invoice, because you don’t have any invoice templates. And it takes crazy much time to make new invoice. I’m happy that someone has developed invoicing software. It is a pleasure to work with the software. Invoicing is more easy and efficient. One, two, three and invoice is ready to be sent. It can be immediately sent by email or also printed out and sent by no more traditional postal mail. My invoicing software provides black-and-white and also nice color invoice templates. I use both templates. I don’t know why, but when I’m invoicing some major serious customers, I send black-and-white invoices. Somehow color invoices look less professional than black-and-white. But it is just my temporary point of view. I will change it after some time as always. Anyway I like invoicing software very much and not going to use something else for invoicing. Maybe I will try some new program and gadgets in future.

In conclusion, my life experience showed me that it is always better to choose professional solutions for business. We don’t have to create a helicopter, because it is already created. Professional solutions make our business more qualitative. Sometimes we try to save money on something and choose to do thing by ourselves. Afterwards we understand that it is better to choose some software or qualified worker and in the end it costs less. Earlier I also thought that I am extremely smart and can do everything by myself. After some years of experience, I choose designer to make my home cozy, bookkeeper to do accounting and invoicing software to organize invoicing.

27 Jul 2012